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AirDays Mask offers 3.5cm comfortable Distance between Mouth and Mask. Feel Comfortable without stuffiness even after wearing long hours through airdays secured breathing space. Distinguished bird beak shape for contactless mouth and mask in order to minimize breathing discomfort.


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AirDays KF94 Cockpit Face Mask WHITE (Large) FREE SHIPPING

AirDays KF94 Cockpit Face Mask BLACK (Large) FREE SHIPPING

AirDays KF94 Cockpit Face Mask


AirDays KF94 Cockpit Face Mask Black (EXTRA Large) FREE SHIPPING

AirDays KF94 Face Mask BLACK (Medium) FREE SHIPPING


Airdays KF94 Kids Mask (Small 1-to-7yrs) FREE SHIPPING

AirDays 3D KF-AD Light Face Mask FREE SHIPPING

airdays mask

Air Days 3D KF-AD Face Mask (Large) FREE SHIPPING

AirDays 3D KF-AD Light Face Mask (Medium) FREE SHIPPING

AirDays 3D KF-AD KIDS Light Face Mask (Small) FREE SHIPPING

Air Days KF94 Cockpit Face Mask Specification.

air days filter
airdays mask 2

Strong 4-layers filtering structure.

4-layers filtering structure mask for efficient blockage of the source of infections from the air.

airdays mask 3

Soft and Comfortable ear Band

Increases wear sensation and adherence by using soft and high-elasticity ear bands.

airdays mask 4

Preventing Lipstick contamination structure

Hypoallergenic mask to protect skin and preventing lipstick contamination by using strong resistance filter

airdays mask 5

Comfortable breathing with 3D stereostructure

3D stereostructure makes touchless of mouth to maintain fresh and comfortable breathing even after wearing for long hours

airdays mask 6

Blocking yellow dust, droplets, dusts and viruses

Densed structure for quarantine delivers the safe breathing by blocking from various sources of infections such as ultra fine dust, yellow dust and droplets.

airdays mask 7

Nose clip to prevent fogging

Handy nose clip to prevent glasses from fogging and sliding down or moving of mask.

airdays mask 8

Smooth fit with ergonomic structure

Optimized ergonomic design covers the face naturally to generate comfortable wear sensation and smooth fit.

airdays mask 9

Hypoallergenic filter for skin with good air permeability

Blocking source of infection, excellent air permeability for exhalation and reduce skin irritation by using soft material

AirDays KF94 Mask Specification.

Made in Korea KF94 airdays Face Mask (Color: White&Black) 1EA | Melt Blown, MB Filter | KFDA Approved | Korean N95 Mask
– KF94 Grade
– Dust collection efficiency (%) : 99.85% (N95 grade 95 ↑ / KF94 grade 94 ↑)
– Leak-rate (%) : 4.632% (N95 grade 10 ↓ / KF94 grade 11 ↓)
– Made in Korea / KFDA approved (KF94 Grade) / CE Certificate
– Individual Packaging

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air days kf94 korea mask

AirDays KF94 Mask Material

*Melt blowing (MB Filter)*
Melt blowing is a conventional fabrication method of micro- and nanofibers where a polymer melt is extruded through small nozzles surrounded by high speed blowing gas. The randomly deposited fibers form a nonwoven sheet product applicable for filtration, sorbents, apparels and drug delivery systems. The substantial benefits of melt blowing are simplicity, high specific productivity and solvent-free operation. Choosing an appropriate combination of polymers with optimized rheological and surface properties, scientists have been able to produce melt-blown fibers with an average diameter as small as 36 nm



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What Our Clients Say
387 reviews