Air Days 3D KF-AD Face Mask (Large) 100 count

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Air Days 3D KF-AD Face Mask (Large) 100 count

Triple Safety Structure.
Outer Lining Filter. Air Days 3D KF-AD Face Mask has a triple safety structure and effectively blocks droplet.

1-Outer Lining Filter Triple Structure.
2- Non-Woven Outer Lining
Fluorescent brightener test completed
Formaldehyde-free test completed
3- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Over 99%
4- Elastic NonWoven Ear Straps
3D Stereoscopic Structure Tailored to The Contours of the Face
It sits smoothly in line with the contours of the face even without a nose clip, and it is comfortable to use by gently connecting the bridge of the nose to the side of the nose..

5pcs in one pack

Air Days 3D KF-AD Face Mask (Large) 100 count

airdays kfad white mask

airdays kfad white mask


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