AirDays 3D KF-AD KIDS Light Face Mask (Small) 300count

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AirDays 3D KF-AD KIDS Light Face Mask (Small) 300count

Light and Comfortable Anti Droplet Mask

Safe 3-layers filtering structured
Airdays KF-AD with 3-layers filtering structure for efficient blockage of the source of infections from the air.

Soft and comfortable ear band.
Soft and high-elasticity ear bands increase wearing feeling and adherence.

Structure that prevents contamination by LipStick.
It is a hypoalergenic mask that uses filter resist to contamination to efficiently prevent contamination by Lipstick and protect the Skin.

Comfortable breathing with 3D structure.
3D structure that doesn’t touch the mouth, keeps pleasant environment even for a long time to allow comfortable breathing

Triple Safety Structure
Outer Lining Filter. It has a triple safety structure and effectively blocks droplet.

1-Outer Lining Filter Triple Structure.
2- Non-Woven Outer Lining
Fluorescent brightener test completed
Formaldehyde-free test completed
3- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Over 99%
4- Elastic NonWoven Ear Straps
3D Stereoscopic Structure Tailored to The Contours of the Face
It sits smoothly in line with the contours of the face even without a nose clip, and it is comfortable to use by gently connecting the bridge of the nose to the side of the nose..

AirDays 3D KF-AD KIDS Light Face Mask (Small) 300count

airdays kfad white mask

airdays kfad white mask


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