Airdays KF94 Kids Black Mask (Small) 300 count FREE SHIPPING

$299 $269

Airdays KF94 Kids Black Mask (Small) 300 count FREE SHIPPING

Airdays Mask count Effectively filter out 94% of the 0.4㎛ fine suspended particles in the air. Block droplets, viruses and bacteria from spreading infections , block fine dust and fine suspended substances, protect the respiratory system from pollutants and infectious substances. Three- dimensional locking masks will not make glasses easy from the mist comfortable around the chin design, expanding breathing space, greatly enhance the permeability of high protection force, breathable and comfortable with a variety of Korean certification, safe and effective.

Airdays KF94 Kids Mask (Small) 300 count FREE SHIPPING

Before Purchasing AirDays Mask Please Check the size options.

airdays mask sizes

airdays mask sizes


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